Keywords For Google Adsense

There is so much information on search engine optimization for Google Adsense, it is actually confusing. Some of us that are not SEO Pros search look for some way to make sense of all this Optimization talk. We buy software, ebooks, read articles and in some cases pay to have our sites optimized. Many advertisers say that they will optimize your site to the top 10 in ten search engines. They fail to tell you which engines until after you sign up and find yourself optimized to some unknown search engine that gets you zero traffic. Sound familiar? Yes, we all want to work at home and make some money so we buy and buy and buy. I went through all of that. Then I started analyzing what it all boils down to. There are some steps and if you read carefully Google tells you exactly what they are, but we do not read them because we are too busy reading the Guru e-books that we paid some heavy dollars for so we could learn the "secret". What I learned was that you simply do certain things that are not to difficult. First select your business. This requires doing keyword research to find a Niche where you can compete. Do not try to compete with the big guns. This usually results in you selecting keywords that are a phrase of three or more words. Then you need to find out how much competition they have. There are many free tools to help you do this. Plus the Gurus will try to sell you the one that is different and new, never been seen before!!!!. I like Nichebot. It is free. Like most programs they have an upgrade where you can search thousands of keywords. You don't need thousands, just about three phrases will do and you can do this with the free version. So my advise is first find your Adsense Niche, potential keywords. The next thing we want to do is find out if Google will send you any ads for people to click on. That will be the subject of my next Article. You may say well alright but how do I find this Keywords. Hint go to Nichebot and read the Google Guidelines. Plus stay tuned for my next article. You can find all my articles at: Al Villa is a retired Judge and internet entrepreneur. He loves to write articles and you can use them as free content provded you include the whole article and this resource box with this hot link: Al Work At Home Article Source: