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There is so much information on search engine optimization for Google Adsense, it is actually confusing. Some of us that are not SEO Pros search look for some way to make sense of all this Optimization talk. We buy software, ebooks, read articles and in some cases pay to have our sites optimized. Many advertisers say that they will optimize your site to the top 10 in ten search engines. They fail to tell you which engines until after you sign up and find yourself optimized to some unknown search engine that gets you zero traffic. Sound familiar? Yes, we all want to work at home and make some money so we buy and buy and buy. I went through all of that. Then I started analyzing what it all boils down to. There are some steps and if you read carefully Google tells you exactly what they are, but we do not read them because we are too busy reading the Guru e-books that we paid some heavy dollars for so we could learn the "secret". What I learned was that you simply do certain things that are not to difficult. First select your business. This requires doing keyword research to find a Niche where you can compete. Do not try to compete with the big guns. This usually results in you selecting keywords that are a phrase of three or more words. Then you need to find out how much competition they have. There are many free tools to help you do this. Plus the Gurus will try to sell you the one that is different and new, never been seen before!!!!. I like Nichebot. It is free. Like most programs they have an upgrade where you can search thousands of keywords. You don't need thousands, just about three phrases will do and you can do this with the free version. So my advise is first find your Adsense Niche, potential keywords. The next thing we want to do is find out if Google will send you any ads for people to click on. That will be the subject of my next Article. You may say well alright but how do I find this Keywords. Hint go to Nichebot and read the Google Guidelines. Plus stay tuned for my next article. You can find all my articles at: Al Villa is a retired Judge and internet entrepreneur. He loves to write articles and you can use them as free content provded you include the whole article and this resource box with this hot link: Al Work At Home Article Source:

Google AdSense: 7 Tips For Creating Sites That Make Money

Having a Google AdSense site is a great way to make money. And to create an AdSense site, all you have to do is have a Google AdSense account (which is free), a website or a blog (which is free), and some articles (which are free if you write them yourself). Once you get your site up and running, the AdSense ads will be targeted to your content.
Therefore, those looking for your content will come by, read your articles, and have a high probability of being interested in the targeted ads. Every time someone clicks an ad, you get paid! That is, as long as you have designed your site to maximize AdSense clickthroughs!
Let's look at seven tips for creating AdSense sites that create money.
#1: Keyword Density
Before you place ads on your site, be sure your keyword density is good. You will want to be sure that the right kinds of ads are placed on your site. A free way to determine what the ads will look like on your site is to go to and type in your keywords. You will then be able to see exactly what ads would show on your site.
If you don't like what you see, then you know that you need to make changes to your keywords! You can get keyword suggestions from Results Generator from Overture or from the free trial version of Word Tracker.
#2: Focused
Not only will the ads be based on your keywords, but they will also be based on your content. You definitely want your keywords and your content to match as closely as possible.
#3: Write Often
The more information you have the better. Why? Because the more content you have, the more visitors you get. Many people suggest that you write a new article every day since no one wants to come back to your site to find the same old messages!
#4: Choose The Right Format
AdSense allows you to choose many different ad formats. Research has shown that wider ads are more successful. The top three formats are:
336x280 large rectangle300x250 medium rectangle160x600 wide skyscraper
Additionally, the 468x15 horizontal ad link under the navigation bar is also a good bet.
#5: Color Counts
You have the option to create a Google AdSense ad in any color of your choice. The best thing to do is to make your ad blend well with your site color scheme. You should make the border color and the background color the same color as your web site. You will want your text color to either be black or the color of your main content.
When creating your Google AdSense ads it is recommended to use the color scheme and style of your website so that the ads blend in well. Ads without background color and borders perfom better than ads within borders with background color.
#6: Position Counts, Too
It is well known that visitors to a website scan the site to determine if it is worth reading. You definitely want them to see and scan your AdSense ads. Therefore, the best place to put them is in the top left part of your page or directly under your headlines.
#7: Increase The Number
AdSense allows you to use up to three AdSense units on a page, two AdSense search boxes, and one unit of ad links. Using all that you can increases the chances of earning money.
Keep these seven tips in mind when creating your AdSense site and you will find that your clickthrough rates increase, thus increasing your money making potential. makes it easy to generate Google Adsense Income, quickly & easily. Find all the tools and resources you need to get started fast. To receive your free Google Adsense site visit: Google Adsense Sites For Sale
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Top Tips To Earn Money Using Keywords For Adsense

It is important to know a few important techniques before starting your google adsense campaigns, otherwise you can easily waste hours of your time implementing poor strategies.
There are 3 critical elements to earning money with Google adsense:
1. Traffic – and lots of it
2. Fresh Content
3. Top Paying Keywords For Adsense
I will be focusing today on the 3rd point, namely the keywords. You can find information on gaining traffic and fresh content from my other articles.
Top Keywords For Adsense:
There are various genres and categories of keywords that are heavily competitive, and therefore advertisers are bidding high amounts of money for them.
This means that if you write content based on these categories and genres, you can earn a lot of cash from this. Your earnings per click could be as a high as $5-$10 if someone clicks on one your google adsense ads.
Therefore, you need to find out these high paying keywords for adsense in order to reap the benefits. For example, the term ‘insurance’ pays extremely well, and if you write content relevant to this term then you have the potential to earn good money.
Important Tip:
If the term ‘insurance’ pays well, then don’t just write content based on insurance, write content based on all kinds of insurance. E.g. car insurance, home insurance, phone insurance – all types. By doing this you are exploiting all ranges of insurance and maximising your earnings.
Also, do not combine different keywords on a page. In this example, have a separate page for car insurance, a separate page for home insurance etc. This way, you will have 100% relevant ads being shown based on your content.
So go out there and find these high paying keywords for adsense.
TIP: Find Out More About Google Adsense: Top Keywords For Adsense Earners
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How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

If you're a webmaster, you've probably heard about Google's Adsense. Perhaps you're even earning from it already. This article will show you a method to increase your Adsense revenue dramatically.
Google's Adsense allows webmasters to place links from Google's Adwords advertisers on their webpages by inserting a special code. When a visitor clicked on a link, the webmaster gets a cut of the profit Google made from the advertiser. The unique feature about Adsense is that the links it generates on your webpage are relevant to your page content. Thus, your keywords and topics become very important determinant for the type of links that will appear on your webpage.
There are only two factors that determine how much a webmaster can make from Adsense. The first factor is the number of visitors who click on the links. The more people who clicked on the links, the more you make. Naturally, this means that the more targetted traffic to the website, the more you'll make. This is where most webmasters focus their efforts on.
The second factor is the value of the links they clicked on. Here's where you can make a great difference to your earnings from Adsense and is our focus in this article.
Let's take a look at how this works:
Suppose you have 1000 visitors to your website and you get 2% conversion, that is 20 people clicked on your Adsense links. Let's assume that your Adsense links pay you only 50 cents per click. So you earn $10 dollars.
Now let's see how much this same traffic will make for you if your Adsense links pay you $5 per click. For the same number of clicks, you make $100 dollars. That's a ten-fold increased in revenue!
Well, that makes sense, you said, but how am going to determine what type of links appear on my webpages?
Good questions!
Here's where you'll need to do a little research and here's a tool to help you do just that.
Go over to and you'll get a tool that shows you how much each keyword is worth. While this tool is for Overture's keywords, we can safely assume that this reflects the keyword values for Googles Adwords as well. Once you've found the keywords with high monetary values, you can optimize your webpages for them. This will increase your chances of having these high value keyword links appearing on your webpages.
Some people have actually made extensive researches on Google's top paying keywords and found that one or two keywords are worth almost $100! However, generally most keywords are valued at between 50 cents and $5 dollars. Some keywords like "internet marketing" may fetch up to $7 dollars and "mortgage" pays up to $10 dollars.
These values may change from time to time but they generally hover around these levels. Naturally, this information is priceless and you'll have to pay to get it. I feel it is worth every cent you paid for it. You can check it out at
And there you have it! A single factor that can radically increase your Adsense revenue!
Tim Ong is the author of "The Book of Transformation" and the "Build From Within" ezine. You can find more personal transformational and success articles at his website at The Self Improvement Site
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Finding Profitable Keywords For Your Google Adsense Campaign

No doubt that Google Adsense has become the number one player in making money on the internet. The latest claim that I saw advertised was an internet marketer that made over $19,000 in one month. What is their secret? It is simply writing articles and building adsense webpages that use high traffic, or even some traffic, that use profitable keywords. Not just any keywords, profitable keywords. You have to find keywords that your customers use and that your competitors do not use. Their are many tools available and this article will cover just a few of them.
WordTracker is the leading keyword research tool. SEO professionals worldwide use this tool to find profitable keywords. Wordtracker's suggestions are based on over 300 million keywords and phrases that people have used over the previous 90 days. (In other words, there is no "guessing" when you use Wordtracker. Everything is based on the keywords millions of people have actually typed into search engines.)
KeywordDiscovery is also a very popular keyword research tool and is a major competitor to Wordtracker. KeywordDiscovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines world wide, to create what they call "the most powerful keyword research tool". It has been noted in a number of reviews that Keyword Discovery returns more words that are relevant than Wordtracker, Yahoo's or Google's suggestion tools.
There are many other tools on the internet that are worth mentioning. They can be used to supplement and verify the profitable keywords that you find using the major keyword tools. They include, the Google search tool, Yahoo Overture, SEO20/20, webconfs website keyword suggestions (you put your competitor's website URL in this one to determine the profitable keywords they are using), and many more.
The SEO20/20 search tool is the most valuable for determining monthly traffic for profitable keywords by search engine. It includes information on the Overture bid prices, total monthly search volume, estimated search volume for Google, Yahoo, MSN, Digital Point (WordTracker), and Nichebot, Google trends, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Suggest, Google Sysnonyms, and Adwords Keyword Tool. It also provides you with links to news searches, directories, blog searches, tag searches, thesaurus, dictionary & encyclopedia, classifieds, products & revies, and local results for your search term. All in all, not a bad tool.
Finding profitable keywords that are often searched for will help you meet your goals of bringing more targeted traffic to your web site and reaching that top ranking that sometimes seems next to impossible. Reach these goals and your profitable keywords will equal Google Adsense Campaign income.
Leonard Bartholomew, Is An Authority On Developing Home Based Internet Businesses Part Time. Find out more about how to make more money with Google Adsense by finding profitable keywords.
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AdSense Profit From Google AdWords

Advertisements collected through Google AdWords system are shown on AdSense websites. When an AdSense publisher starts to buy traffic through Google AdWords for his AdSense site, he becomes an AdSense arbitrager. AdSense arbitrage is one of the AdSense business strategies that publishers could implement to make AdSense profit.
Is AdSense arbitrage a fraud to Google? No, Google allows AdSense arbitrage. As a matter of fact, the more AdSense arbitrage, the more Google could make from AdWords.
The success of AdSense arbitrage depends on the amount spend on traffic and the profits AdSense arbitrager gets from AdSense so long the cost of buying traffic does not exceed the earnings from the AdSense.
AdSense arbitragers need to make good profit from AdSense to cover the cost. One way to boost AdSense profit is by creating contents with high paying keywords. These contents normally get ads that pay higher. Therefore, high paying keywords are necessary for a successful AdSense arbitrage.
Keyword research tools such as Digitalpoint Keyword Suggestion Tool are used to locate the most searched keywords. With these keywords, AdSense arbitragers can obtain a list of high paying keywords using Google AdWords. By maximizing bid for each keyword, arbitragers can obtain the estimated highest cost per click (CPC) for each keyword.
However, the estimated highest CPC of each keyword obtained from AdWords does not reflect the real competition for that keyword. The highest bid price could be raised by one advertiser whereas majority advertisers are bidding for the same keyword at lower price. Besides, the estimated highest CPC could not reflect the true CPC of each keyword at regional level. Cost per click in different regions can be different as the competition for the same keyword in each region varies. Nonetheless, based on this list of highest CPC, AdSense arbitragers are able to discover the potential market for arbitrage.
AdSense arbitragers will then build a website targeting a set of chosen high paying keywords. Proper use of meta tags, title text and good quality content would increase the relevancy of ads and hence help the website to get high paying ads.
Low paying keywords from the most searched keywords list are used in the AdWords campaign drive traffic to the new website. AdSense arbitragers can include as many low paying keywords as possible in AdWords campaign and start each keyword with a minimum bid.
Run the AdWords campaign for a week or two to get the average earning per click. Increase the bid price or broaden the low paying keywords list if it can increase your AdSense arbitrage profits. Many other form of paid traffic can be used for AdSense arbitrage. Many smaller pay per click search engines could bring decent traffic collectively for less money.
AdSense arbitrage depends on high click through rate (CTR). Well position and well blended-in ads will induce high click through rate. Quality contents that provide values will attract quality audiences. These targeted audiences are more likely to turn into customers for advertisers. The higher quality audience your website sends to advertiser’s site, the less likely it would be smart priced.
The success of arbitrage can be shattered by unpredictable click through rate and fluctuation of keyword value. The cost spent on AdWords could easily exceed the profit from AdSense. The arbitrage process has to be monitored closely and constantly.
To capitalize the efforts and money spent on paid traffic, other form of monetized techniques such as affiliate marketing or name capturing form should be used to target those not converted AdSense audiences. With these mechanisms in place, efforts and money spent on paid traffic would not be wasted.
AdSense Money Guide for AdSense profits. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Google AdSense at
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How To Find Your Own Valuable Adsense Keywords For Free

There’s tons of money to be made from the Google Adsense program for web masters and blog owners. That’s why “the vultures are circling” and folks are getting sucked in with all sorts of offers that promise instant high Adsense revenue. One of the top-selling products these days are those lists with the highest-paying Google Adsense keywords. Many people are desperately searching out for these lists and many will not hesitate to pay for them, especially because there are some keywords that are reputed to be capable of earning $100 per click.
I’m not saying all the lists are bad? In fact a good number of them are genuine and are created by high earning Adsense webmasters looking to maximize on their profits and to get something back from their time-consuming valuable keywords research efforts. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes perfect business sense. Except that you don’t really need those lists, there is a better proven way to increase your Adsense earnings.
The Adsense Secret Is All About Finding A Niche
The most important Adsense secret you will discover is that to make money and be successful, all you need to do is to stick to the basic rules for success in online marketing. The basics are that you need to find a niche that is not so competitive and one which you can contribute something special to based on your past experience, knowledge and skills. Everything else will then fall into place after this. Virtually every subject and topic you can think of will have relevant and valuable keywords.
This is in sharp contrast to the approach being encouraged by list-sellers. Which is to start by finding high-paying valuable keywords and then creating sites or blogs based on them. To start with Google do not like the idea because one of their rules is that you should not create a site or blog for the sole purpose of making money from Adsense. Of course it is easy to get round this one by quickly creating some products around your site and you really don’t need to care whether they sell or not, but who are you fooling?
The World Wide Web is increasingly busy and increasingly competitive and what this means is that niches are becoming increasingly vital and critical to online success.
You Will Earn More From Adsense With Multiple Sites/Blogs
Once you’ve found your niche, you can create a number of different sites narrowing your niche even further in different directions. I’ve used this strategy very successfully and I find that I am constantly coming up with new ideas for new sites without leaving my area of expertise. Of course I create relevant links between my different sites so as to maximize on the traffic that I receive. The important word here is “relevant”. There is nothing that puts off folks more than clicking on a link only to find that it is barely relevant to the information they are seeking. You’re wasting their time and they will not appreciate it. Better not to link at all in the first place.
What some high-earning Adsense folks have done is to create numerous blogs (some up to 50 and even more.) This strategy makes sense because the more pages you have with Adsense ads on them, the higher the chances of somebody clicking on some of the ads and therefore the higher your potential income. What I can’t imagine is how they manage to keep all the different blogs fed with quality content. I once tried this strategy with just one or two sites and it was very exhausting getting content for sites outside my area of expertise. There are increasing reports of incidents of pirated online content and I guess you now understand part of the reason why.
When you stick to one subject, keeping all your blogs fed with content becomes a breeze. You simply take one idea and modify it or slant it differently for the different sites. Even more important, it is easy to use the same valuable Adsense keywords for all the sites as you discover them.
A Free Tool To Help You Find Valuable Adsense Keywords
Here is a valuable tool that I use myself to constantly research valuable Adsense keywords. While you do not need those valuable Adsense keywords lists, you need to constantly research valuable Adsense keywords for yourself. Top Adsense earners spend a vast majority of their time doing this. You need to do the same if you want to be earn a serious income from the Adsense program.
Christopher Kyalo makes a good living writing online for various clients. Read the rest of this article at his Adsense blog.
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Top Paying Keywords: How to Increase Your Pay Per Click Returns

There is no doubting the success of Google's Adsense program. Even Yahoo! and Kanoodle have joined in on the game, offering to join publishers with advertisers. Given the right circumstances, its a win / win situation for both.
There have been many sites that promote Top Paying Keywords and how if you add these keywords you can instantly improve your Adsense revenue. However, if you really want to see a dramatic increase in pay per clicks, you need to ensure 2 very important areas are addressed. They seem very obvious, but many site owners miss the opportunity to attract higher paying ads simply because they ignore these two areas.
Many "would be" web designers decide to build a site around the highest paying keywords, yet, forget to optimize their site around a specific keyword. Instead, they forget the basics of how to properly create a title tag, page description, keyword density and having clean search engine spider friendly code. Remember, it's the source code that the Adsense and Kanoodle programs are using to decide what ads will appear. If your top 2 keywords are "insurance" and "downloads", you may find that you end up with ads regarding "insurance downloads" which of course will not pay much.
Also, having a high keyword density score for the keyword can get you into trouble with the search engines (specifically Google). Keywords spamming is never a good idea.
Optimize your page and you will search more hits to that page and not confuse the bots that create the ads for you.
This is by far the most important and most missed tips. If you are going to include top paying keywords on your site, remember, if you want to attract high paying ads, you need to be selling your visitor on what your advertiser wants. Your content should sell to the visitors needs. Why should your visitor consider car insurance? What are the benefits of car insurance? Where can they get the best quotes? If you pique the interest of your visitor, they are more likely to click on your ads than if they feel that they are not getting the information they came to your site for in the first place.
Your content should have a specific flow to it. If you start jamming keywords into your content, your visitor will automatically suspect that you are trying to deceive them. Once you do that, they are gone! Why waste your visitors time after working so hard to get them to your site in the first place? Well optimized, focused content will always produce better, higher paying ads. That is why you are a publisher: you want those high paying ads on your site. What use though are those high paying keywords if your content doesn't pique your visitors curiosity? Be passionate about your content, and the click through rates will skyrocket!
Its also important to make sure that you are using the right number of ads per page, but that is for another article!
Christopher Smith has been helping web site owners make money through Google Adsense by providing them with the Top Paying Adsense Keywords for his visitors to Adsense Heaven. For more tips on how to improve your click through rates for your pay per click programs, please visit
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Top 11 Paying and Most Searched Keywords on Google and Yahoo

If you have a website, write articles, or want to profit through an affiliate program than this is gold to you! These keywords are the actual top 11 on the internet. Use them and you are on your way to increased traffic, profits and results. Here they are and a little about each to help you on your way.
1) Paris Hilton. Whether we like it or not Paris and her wild lifestyle are here to stay as she is now considered one of the biggest stars. She is sought after by almost every fashion designer and her keywords will do well with any fashion or clothing content.
2) Google. Well, this one is obvious as Google is the largest search engine (regardless what Yahoo says). Being that Google is a search engine it can be used in any content, but works best with relation to websites, search engines, computers and software.
3) Yahoo. The second largest search engine and distant second on Pay per Click campaigns - very, very distant at that. The same will work for Yahoo. Stick with computer related material and you will do well.
4) Ebay. The worlds largest marketplace and auction. Ebay, for the most part is a wholesale marketplace. It is ruled by feedback and can give you a good idea as to the real value of a car (check Ebay motors). On Ebay anything goes including people selling tattoo advertising on themselves. In other words, anything can be linked to Ebay in one way or another. Yes, there is even porn on Ebay.
5)Eminem. Yes, the real slim shady is back. According to R and B and rap he never left as he is the number one rapper currently. If you need content on current music or teen and young adult topics Eminem is sure to bring you visitors.
6) Britney Spears. She was the hottest pinup for teens and preteens, but now she is probably pregnant again. I wonder why Kevin Federline didn't make the list - is it that he isn't a good singer? Britney is great for adolescent or music related content.
7) mapquest. Want to know where something is or how to get there. Being that we are getting closer to summer people are plotting out there vacations. Or, maybe, due to increasing gas prices thanks to George Bush, maybe they are figuring that its too far and will cost too much in gas. I bet if Hillary Clinton were President these gas prices wouldn't be any higher than $1.60 per gallon. These high gas prices have to do with the Bush family and their ties to big oil and energy. See, Mapquest can be linked to just about any content you want if you just try a little.
8) Tsunami. Even though the big one is over. Relief efforts are still in effect and so are the relief efforts for Katrina. Hint - these people still need lots of help. Tsunami is probably a big keyword due to the recent specials on TV about the next possible tsunami that might hit America. People are concerned and interested over these large scale natural disasters. When is the next earthquake going to hit California, will atsunami hit New York, and what will this hurricane season bring?
9) Girls. Yes, of course. There are millions of perverts and closet perverts out there that are a little over-fascinated with girls. As Donald Trump once said, "sex sells." Yes it does and nothing sells better than women or girls. They can sell anything including the worst items in infomercials and complete scams. A beautiful girl just needs to show a little cleavage and TV ratings soar. Just think what girls can do for your content.
10) American Idol. This is the top rated TV show and its in its 5th or 6th season. It has launched one star - Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of duds. Randy, Paula and simon have now become household names along with Ryan Seacrest. Any content you can tie into the current cast will do well. The previous casts should be avoided as they will soon go back to karaoke and such at local bars.
11) Skin care and skin treatment. This has always been a big one with women. It has been rumored that women will go without food before they will go without makeup and such. Just ask any department store how important skin care and skin treatment products are to their bottem line. Watch Shop NBC - almost every product on there has something to do with skin care and skin treatment for women. There are a wide variety of topics you can easily talk about here from the latest in laser therapy at dermatology offices and at home TCA skin peels for treating acne and wrinkles. Acne is and always will be a big topic as will wrinkles and their respective treatments. For more info on at home TCA skin peels please see the link below.
There you have it the top 11 keywords on the internet from Paris Hilton to skin care and skin treatment to Google and American Idol. All with tips on how to use them to make your content have more impact and drive more traffic.
David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests and manufactures various skin peels and other for doctors offices and medispas. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale:
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