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Google Adsense is one of the easiest and most popular ways to monetize a website. I have used Adsense myself on several of my websites, and have made decent money doing so. For those of you who are not familiar with Adsense, it is simply an ad serving program run by Google. By pasting some code on your site, ads will be run on your site automatically, and you will make money for each click you generate. It’s easy enough to set up, but how exactly can you make the most of your Adsense ads?

Here are some Google Adsense tips to help your ads perform better:

1. Integrate the ads into your site as much as possible

Try using colors for you links that are similar to the colors on your site. And make sure you turn off the ad borders as well. You want your ads to look like ordinary links as much as possible.

2. Position ads toward the top

Here is a somewhat obvious Google Adsense tip: prominently placed ads results in better click-throughs. So don’t be shy and place your ads toward the top of the page, even if that seems too overt too you.

3. Don’t try to outsmart Google

Another obvious Google Adsense tip is to not get too clever in your efforts to generate clicks. Never click your own ads or try to cheat the system by hiring others to click your ads. Don’t use software to generate false clicks either. Google will eventually catch you, and your account will be closed.

4. Target keywords

Hopefully, if you set up your pages correctly, they are targeting certain keywords. These will usually be the same keywords to which your ads are targeted. Try to keep keyword density in the 2 – 5% range.

5. Test different ad formats

My final Google Adsense tip is to test different ad formats and colors. You’ll be amazed at how much you can improve your bottom line by testing different size ads in different places, with different colors.

There are of course tons of other Google Adsense tips, but these are the main ones that I have found useful in my own advertising campaigns. Try them out, and you may discover to your surprise that you can often improve ad click-throughs by 20% or more by making some rather simple changes.

You can learn a lot more about how to make money with adsense here.

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