The Hidden "Extra Value" of High Paying Keywords

Nowadays everybody selling keyword lists focus only on the possible income one can generate with Google Adsense, thereby overlooking other lucrative opportunities that these lists can provide you with. So what do we know about these “High Paying Keyword Lists”?

The good ones are expensive and scarce.
Most people use them to identify what content they should write about on their site to “try” to get the high paying ads on their site.
Some people use them to have content “Automatically” generated for their sites (RSS, Searches, Page stuffers, etc.) What Nobody Tells you: These keywords are a GOLDMINE to determine Niche Markets; Hot High Paying Niche Markets. How else can you profit with this information other than with Adsense? By knowing people’s wants you can:
Generate affiliate income.
Write the next problem solving miracle e-book
Develop training videos to fulfill their needs
Develop Teleseminars on HOT Topics.
Generate traffic to your site
Create the content others “need” for their Adsense Sites and sell it to them
Grow your list with Hungry Paying customers.
Start a membership site
Determinate alternate words to lower you PPC investment.
Know what to sell on ebay
And much more.
The problem is when you become overwhelmed on the number of opportunity these lists provide. And even worse is when you freeze by not knowing what the most profitable decision will be. A personal recommendation is to create a list of the different projects you might want to develop, prioritize them and act on them one by one. Personally, many times I have believed I can multitask more than I really can, and have lost precious time trying to do too many things at once. And as we all know, if you try to do too many things at once, you end up doing nothing.

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